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Bacon Guacamole - Served!

A couple of weeks ago Dane and fellow bacon enthusiast Kasper Wendelboe somehow stumbled across my humble blog, and decided to share with me and my readers something magical: his recently perfected recipe for bacon guacamole! I've finally had a chance to make it and trust me when I say that it is utterly delicious. For anyone who speaks Danish or fancies getting their google translate on, you can check our Kasper's blog and the original source of the recipe here: Music for People - Bacon Guacamole.

As you can see I decided to serve the guacamole in a bacon bowl alongside some delicious chilli made by Mrs Bacon (not sure she would appreciate that nickname - don't tell her), paired with a cold bottle of Desperados (a Tequila flavoured beer). In other words, my dinner consisted of meat served in meat with a side of meat, and a bottle of beer: good times. For anyone who fancies making some (and you all should!) here's Kasper's recipe:

Bacon Guacamole - IngredientsBacon Guacamole - Crumbs

Bacon Jam

Before I get started on the post I'd just like to mention that this will be my last update for about 2 weeks, as I'm going on a bit of a holiday. 

In the comments of my recent Bacon Bagel Burger post, one of my readers - Jacqueline, a fellow food fanatic who also has a tasty wee food blog - mentioned something that sounded simply too good to be true: Bacon Jam! While I have tonnes of other bacon ideas and recipes to try, and most of the time when I think or hear of something new I simply add it to the list, I couldn't stop myself making a batch of bacon jam straight away.

Unfortunately Jacqueline didn't have a recipe of her own to share, but a quick bit of googling brought back a fairly long list of contenders which I narrowed down to a handful, before finally choosing the one over at Not Quite Nigella. Why did I choose that particular recipe? Well, most of the recipes I found were quite similar, varying mainly in quantity (and even then only slightly) of the ingredients used, though quite a few of them also had a "quirk" of some form, which I did not want. Seeing as I've never tried, never mind made, bacon jam before, I wanted a nice basic recipe and the one at Not Quite Nigella ticked all my boxes.