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  • Cakes and Cookies   ( 6 Articles )
    Fancy something sweet, do we? These cake and cookie recipes are sure to get your juices flowing. Well, I say cakes & cookies, at the moment there's actually only one a few recipe in here.. But still, juices will flow.
  • Core Recipes   ( 5 Articles )
    I'm not actually sure if there will ever be more than one core recipe to display in this grand list, as the site revolves quite heavily around Caramelised Bacon at the moment! (Well, now, that was rather short-sighted, wasn't it?) Either way, the idea behind this page is to bring together all the basic recipes that you may come across in other recipes.
  • Sandwiches   ( 3 Articles )

    There's more to a bacon sandwich than just chucking bacon, lettuce and tomato together, you know. For example, what are the perfect quantities of the above? And what bread makes the best BLT base? Should you marinate the bacon? What is the perfect mayo to to bread ratio, down to the last gram, and does this differ between brands of mayo and types of bread? If you want answers to these questions, seek help. This category is for awesome sandwiches, full stop.

  • Salads   ( 1 Article )
    Apparently some people like to be healthy, so to please the masses I will chuck in a few salad recipes. I promise that they will be at least as healthy as a McDonalds ditto.
  • Drinks   ( 2 Articles )
    There are days when chewing is simply too much of a chore; so when all you want is a hit of liquid bacony cholesterol, this is where to look.
  • Burgers   ( 3 Articles )
    The holy grail of bacon, the ultimate combination, the best of meaty friends: bacon burgers! I'm on a quest to perfect the glorious bacon burger, and I've already come up with a couple of pretty solid attempts (if I may say so myself). Check them out.
  • Sweets   ( 1 Article )
    "Bacon sweets?! Utter madness!" a common first reaction, and one commonly withdrawn upon tasting the delicious combination of bacon and chocolate, or caramelised bacon, or bacon and ice cream, or...
  • Sides   ( 2 Articles )
    Bacon can't always take the centre stage, so this is where I store recipes for bacony accompaniments.
  • Failed Experiments   ( 1 Article )
    I well and truly hate this category. I don't really want you to look at what's inside, so turn around now, please, and forget you ever saw this. Every once in a while an experiment goes awfully wrong, and you end up with something that - oddly - tastes of bacon yet isn't tasty. I know, it's a contradiction in terms which makes little sense, but apparently it's possible. While there are recipes inside, make them at your own risk, regardless of how delicious they may sound in theory. 
  • Other   ( 1 Article )
    I was just faced with the dilemma of coming up with a category to put my bacon quiche recipe in, but couldn't think of one. I mean, what is a quiche anyway? If you can think of a good category name suitable for containing quiche recipes - but not just quiche recipes, perhaps pies and the like as well - drop me a line.