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Juicy Lucy Bacon Burger
One of my favourite food blogs at the moment is all about burgers - unfortunately it's in Swedish, but thanks to the wonderful piece of technology that is google translate, that's not longer quite as big an issue as it once would have been. Either way, the blog in question is called Hamburgare(.org), which (as you may have guessed), means hamburger in Swedish. The reason I like Hamburgare so much is simple: Stefan, the guy behind it, shows more passion for perfecting his art than most people I've come across. He goes into great detail in reseaching and perfecting everything from condiments to the meat he uses, and it pays.

Anyway, you may be wondering why I'm going on about Hamburgare and virtually kissing Stefan's behind, the answer is this: it's where I found out about Juicy Lucy, which is a burger filled with cheese which melts as you cook the burger. Love-ly stuff, I assure you. The original recipe doesn't use bacon though, which in my view is a rather severe shortcoming, so I felt it was my obligation to rectify the situation by creating the Juicy Lucy Bacon Burger, complete with the crispiest bacon you'll ever devour.

You'll Need

(Makes 2 burgers)

  • 300g of Beef Mince - apparently it works better if you make your own mince, but unfortunately I don't own a mincer.
  • 4 slices of Cheese - Stefan's recipe calls for "burger cheese". I used Gouda, Montery Jack would probably work equally well.
  • 4 rashers of proper Crispy Bacon
  • Some Onion
  • Some Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Bbq sauce - again this wasn't in the original recipe, but I happened to have Roadhouse Jalapeno & Hickory Taxas Tango at home. Try it, try it now.

Making these bad boys is actually pretty easy, especially if you have a burger press (I used an old Tupperware one, which cost a couple of quid).

1) Grab your mince and divided it equally in 4 parts, then shape each part into a burger patty approximately 10cm in diamater (my burger press is 9cm, and that seemed pretty much ideal to be honest).
2) Get a patty and place half of your cheese in the middle of it - it's probably a good idea to avoid having it too close to the edge of the patty, as these have a tendency to leak a bit if you don't seal them up properly.
3) Place a second patty on top of the first, and try to work the edges together carefully until it looks like one solid burger rather than two slapped on top of each other - check out the pics below for a before/after type thing.
4) Fry (grill, or bbq) up, and serve in a burger bun (I forgot to toast the insides mine, but definitely will next time) with veg, crispy bacon and bbq sauce. If you burger leaks in the frying process (one of mine did slightly, but luckily not very much) you may have overfilled it or not been quite anal enough when working the patties together. 

Burger PressJuicy Lucy Burger - in the makingJuicy Lucy Burger - Still in the making

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